Prop 65


Sales of products from any country into the state of California carry some of the toughest restrictions and pose the highest fines if these are not met, this is known as Proposition 65 or Prop 65.

Why is getting Prop 65 right so important?

The law has created a trend for predatory lawyers focused on using the Prop 65 ruling to net large settlements from unsuspecting retailers/manufacturers. The only companies safe from the reach of Prop 65 are those not selling products into California. If you are a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer selling products in California, Prop 65 can be very costly.

Bureau Veritas has the Prop 65 expertise to help you understand what the Prop 65 restrictions entail.

We can help you understand:

•   What is Proposition 65 and how it works
•   Recent Proposition 65 enforcement activity and settlements
•   Changes to the warning labels and reporting requirements
•   Discussion of options for managing enforcement actions and risks

Understanding the law

Prop 65 doesn't stop anyone from selling their products no matter what chemicals they contain. It is simply a law that requires consumer warning labels for products that contain higher levels than stated.