Consumer Products Testing

Consumer Returns

In the United States, consumers return 8% of all products sold at retail. As companies take notice of the financial loss that product returns represent, it is no longer practical to accept the situation without acting. Many businesses are taking a hard look at their product return rate and considering ways to address the problem. Companies are now challenged with taking a proactive approach and implementing a program that will help reduce returns, improve profitability and protect their reputation.

How can product return rate be reduced?
Bureau Veritas has created a Returns Analysis process, which focuses on the root cause of the problem and how the defects of the failed product can be prevented. Our process starts with the collection of product return data. From this information, the products and vendors with high return rates can be identified and our engineers can further investigate the reason for the returns. The gathered information will be used to guard against similar problems in future products as well as shift resources to vendors who need help.

What are the key benefits?
• Improved profitability through reduction in product return rate
• Identification of poorly performing vendors that can be avoided or mentored
• Updating inspection and testing processes to guard against reoccurrences of poor quality product
• Reduction of inspection requirements for good vendors while refocusing on those vendors with questionable histories
• Improved customer satisfaction as the result of better quality product at a reduced price


In order to deliver reliable and convenient service, Bureau Veritas created a four-tier Returns Analysis process that is designed to meet your unique requirements. Through this process, our experienced engineers will be able to review and analyze data specific to your product returns, pinpoint problem areas and offer solutions to address the underlying issues.



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A company that grosses $1 billion in sales will lose around $80 million in returns alone resulting in a direct hit to their bottom line; a loss that is controllable.

93% of all returned products are due to quality and other issues with only 7% of product returns due to fraud.