Cybersecurity - P-Scan Vulnerability Scan

Cybersecurity Testing - Known Vulnerabilities Scan - Bureau Veritas P-Scan

P-SCAN is a Vulnerability Scanning service allowing you to validate whether there are any common known vulnerabilities within your IoT product

Bureau Veritas' P-Scan Vulnerability ASSESSMENT

Protection against exploitation of faults and known vulnerabilities is one of the minimal requirements to understand for IoT device manufacturers and is a base requirements in many different regulations.

Bureau Veritas' P-SCAN checks IoT devices in a BlackBox approach against the key known vulnerabilities used by hackers. This is the entry level service within Bureau Veritas' cybersecurity testing suite.

Bureau Veritas Cybersecurity Test & Certification Suite of Services

P-SCAN provides an immediate feedback on the communication channel vulnerabilities that are present on the device an can be used by attackers.

Bureau Veritas developed a specific Tool to check the vulnerabilities on the following communication channels:

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Zigbee

If the device has a web interface the vulnerability scanning is completed using Nessus to check the TCP/IP services vulnerabilities.

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Penetration testing*

For manufacturers who wants to go deeper and check the resistance to attack of their product we offer a penetration testing service based on the latest techniques:

  • Hardware Analysis & Assessment
    • IoT device reverse engineering
    • IoT device disassembling
    • Mapping out components and uncovering known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Software Analysis & Assessment
    • Firmware, Applications & OS Analysis (provided by the customer or extracted when possible from the device directly)
    • Encryption analysis and Obfuscation techniques in use
    • Reverse engineering firmware binaries
    • 3rd party libraries and SDKs
    • Debugging binaries to gain sensitive info
  • Mobile application verification
  • Attack and Exploitation

*This service is adjusted together with the customer