Engineering Services
for Retail

Simple Solutions to Big Problems

Whether you need to correct a failure, improve a product, improve communication among your partners in the supply chain, or source products more efficiently from multiple vendors, Engineering Services can develop customized recommendations for you. 

Improving and maintaining product quality in today’s global environment requires more than standard pass or fail testing. It requires answers to complex questions such as: How do I build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction? Is there a proven process that improves profitability while protecting against future product problems? What support can be provided to verify customer claims and to answer questions from buyers and legal representatives? The answers to these questions require customized solutions based on data and knowledge. With limited or stretched resources, many companies struggle with these challenging questions. 

What are Engineering Services?
Engineering Services are a broad spectrum of consulting, engineering and analytical services to aid and support companies with the complex questions and issues that arise in today’s global supply chain environment. Our services are developed by an experienced team of engineers and quality assurance professionals. Whether you need to correct a failure, improve a product, improve communication among your partners in the supply chain, or source products more efficiently from multiple vendors, we can develop customized recommendations for you.

What are the key benefits?
• The answer or solution for your specific concern or question
• Improved communications and processes throughout your supply chain
• Simplified vendor/factory selection process
• Reduced costs and sourcing lead times
• Enhanced risk management and brand protection

Our Value
Our approach is customized and focused. The process begins with a review of your request to identify how we can best address your concern. Once we’ve defined a strategy, we’ll put the necessary resources into action, including engineering evaluations and analytical assessments. We will work with your supply chain partners to gather data and explore possible solutions. While our approach is as individualized as the questions we receive, our objective is the same: to get you the relevant data or recommendations that you need to move forward.


Product Development Guidance: 
When you develop a new product or modify an existing product, reviewing key issues that can affect the success of your product prior to development can save time and money. We offer technical design reviews on consumer products prior to production or distribution along with written interpretations on risk, regulatory requirements, applicability of standards, and other areas that may be of concern to you.

Brand Protection; Knowing how your products compare to the competition along with identifying ways to improve your product are two activities that are crucial to brand protection. You can compare and rank the performance of your products to a competitor’s by using our benchmarking services. We also can help you to identify improvements and assess the safety and reliability risks of your product prior to distribution through our on-site line reviews.

Sourcing Solutions:  Understanding your vendors’ capabilities and effectively communicating with them is a necessity in today’s global supply chain environment. By developing basic specifications for your products, we can help you to standardize comparisons from multiple sources. Our factory assessments can help you better understand your vendor’s abilities and assist with production challenges from control point assessment to solving critical quality issues. 

Reduce Time to Market: Efficient processes and design can help you speed time-to-market. Let us help you with product and test design; manufacturing engineering support; marketing materials review; or overseeing complex projects. 

Customer Satisfaction:  By proactively monitoring product on store shelves and addressing product complaints and failures, you can help maintain customer satisfaction. With our product assessment solutions, you will learn the root causes of why a product has been returned. Through our store shelf reviews, which target product in multiple store locations, you can confirm that product integrity is being maintained throughout the supply chain. 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I improve my confidence in my sourcing selection?

    With literally thousands of similar choices on the market today, deciding which product or vendor to select is quite a challenge. Full-spectrum comparison studies offered by our Engineering Services Group are an effective way to compare products/quality systems and schedule obtainment for multiple products and factories.

  • What can I do to reduce customer returns or defective products?

    The Engineering Services Group utilizes an extensive laboratory network to analyze and isolate the cause of a product failure. A summary of this examination coupled with a root cause diagnosis is reported in a Failure Analysis report. Follow-up solution support can also be provided through Store Audits, Product Engineering or a Factory Consultation.