Sock and
Hosiery Testing

Garment Construction • Presence of BPA • Performance • Compliance

Today’s consumers demand socks and hosiery that are both fashionable and meet their needs for comfort, durability and sustainability. This presents new challenges in ensuring garment wear and compliance. Bureau Veritas provides a range of evaluations and testing packages to verify construction, fit, and performance, as well as meet requirements and protect your brand. 

• CA Prop 65 testing to identify the presence of common targeted chemicals (BPA, lead, phthalates, cadmium) 
• Formaldehyde and pH testing for sensitivity and irritant concerns. 

• Analysis of knit count to meet specifications. 
• Fiber ID testing to confirm claims and meet regulatory labeling requirements. 
• Audit and scientific services for traceability of organic and recycled fibers.

AATCC testing to evaluate bacteria and odor eliminating properties, as well as wicking, drying rate and breathability. 

FIT TESTING, STRETCH AND RECOVERY:  Testing before and after laundering to confirm fit and claims, including run and abrasion resistance. 

NEW CLAIMS AND TECHNOLOGIES:  R&D testing packages can be designed for product development stage or performance concerns, as well as claim verification, such infrared light testing to evaluate warming properties. 

CHILD SAFETY:  Use and abuse, analytical and floating yarn evaluations to verify child safety compliance.

60 Day Notices for BPA in Socks under California Proposition 65 (June 2022)

Over the last several months, many sock brands, retailers and manufacturers received 60 Day Notices for allegedly containing bisphenol A (BPA) in socks. Proposition 65 warning labels for the presence of BPA were not provided with these products when sold.  

The socks included in the notices were made primarily of polyester with spandex. All size ranges are included in the notices, but the emphasis was on babies’/children’s socks.  The first known settlement for socks made primarily of polyester with spandex which contain bisphenol A (BPA) has been finalized.  Read BPA In Socks regulatory update

Bureau Veritas Buffalo can assist clients in determining if BPA is present in socks and other products; identifying exposure routes and assessing the risk levels in items. Contact us today lo to learn more

  • BV Buffalo lab has been performing the BPA Content Test since 2008. We use HPLC/MS and HPLC/MS/MS instrumentation.  
  • Standard TAT is 4-5 business days. We can accommodate RUSH requests at a surcharge depending on circumstances.
  • Minimum sample weight is a few grams per component.

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