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Safety and quality are fundamental concerns for consumers, particularly for parents, who buy toys and other products related to children. However, the toys and juvenile products landscape is changing, and changing fast.
• Regulatory requirements continue to evolve in both emerging and mature markets, especially around hazardous chemicals
• The online sales channel is growing rapidly
• Video games and apps on smart phones / tablets continue to gain share
• Connected toys are increasingly dominant in the physical toy/juvenile product space
• Suppliers need to understand wireless technology and sell to more countries across more channels to stay competitive
• Disruptive technologies such as 3D Printing are evolving bringing about additional responsibilities
The integration of wireless technology with toys particularly brings about a whole new range of challenges for both the toy industry integrating technology and the technology industry moving into toys:
• How to effectively integrate technology?
• Which technology will bring about the best performance?
• How to demonstrate toy safety or wireless conformance compliance?
• How to verify information security?
• How to understand and comply with current and future toy safety regulations?

Our services are designed to assist manufacturers, retailers, and importers in minimizing the risk of late shipment, liability, costly product returns, and recalls.
Our global specialists have in-depth knowledge of the latest market access requirements and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth® and Wi-fi. This allows us provide the fundamental support allowing you to demonstrate the products you sell comply with dynamic international industry & regulatory requirements and quickly access the global market.
We offer a suite of solutions from policy & specification development to training to supplier/product risk assessments to testing as well as supporting services such as inspection, audit and certification.
What are the key benefits?
■ Verify compliance with worldwide toy regulations and industry standards
■ Minimize the risk of recalls, returns and complaints
■ Enhance risk management and brand protection
■ Help increase product sales


Bureau Veritas, backed by experienced professionals and accredited laboratories worldwide, provides you with comprehensive services for all your toy and juvenile product needs. We can assist you with both testing and specialized services for a variety of toy and juvenile products to ensure compliance with international and regional regulatory demands and access the global market.
We have decades of experience in advising on the best solution for your challenging business environment to meet critical regulatory requirements, such as toys safety and chemical testing, physical testing, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and wireless testing; all available throughout our worldwide network.
The client specific, regulatory and industry testing services we offer include:
Performance Testing
• Comparison
• Destructive
• Flammability
• Life / reliability
• Physical and Mechanical
• Use and abuse
Chemical Testing
• Toxicological evaluations
• Microbiological evaluations
Electrical & Electronics Testing / Certification
• Electrical Safety
• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
• Radio Frequency

Wireless Conformance Testing / Certification
• Bluetooth®
• WiFi
• 4G/LTE

Specialized Services
• Age grade evaluation
• Chemical safety assessment (CSA)
• Design evaluations
• Failure analysis
• Injury data research
• Interpretation and applicability of regulations and standards
• Product line review
• Risk assessment services
• Specification manual development


What types of product can you test?
• Classic Toys
• Connected / Electrical Toys
• Premiums
• Juvenile Products
• Children’s Jewelry
• Children’s Cosmetics

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