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Testing and Inspection

It’s increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to promotional products. Making sure your products are safe and perform well is critical to success.

Some of most popular promotional products are a combination of stylish, useful and forward-thinking, some of the trends we are seeing include: 

  • Work from Home Products. The pandemic has led many corporations to see value in allowing their employees to work from home which is driving a new hybrid model being adopted by many organizations as staff split time between home and office.
  • Environmentally Friendly Items. It turns out, sustainability sells. Organic, Recycled, Vegan Promotional Products are seeing a rapid rise in adoption by promotional product companies.
  • Wellness & Safety. Branded Personal Protective Equipment and hygiene promotional products is seeing significant growth as companies distribute to both employees as well as clients / suppliers.
  • Wireless Products. Nothing new here, but a continuing growth engine within promotional products. Some of the most popular products are wireless chargers, wireless speakers and hearables.


Promotional products, premiums and branded merchandise play a cost-effective marketing and communication channel to a company as it aids in establishing effective customer relationship and fostering brand reputation and loyalty. High-quality promotional products is a great way to impress your potential customers and promote your brand, products and corporate identity. However, poor-quality ones can sell your company short. Only by taking the quality, safety, and compliance of your promotional products into account will you be able to reflect your brand value and generate engagements with potential customers, employees and other stakeholders.


    With Global Regulations & Industry Standards

  • SPEED.
    Dedicated labs offer a fast response time to bring your product to market on-time.

    Our dedicated promotional products teams are available to answer your every need.

    Testing, Inspection and Audit available worldwide.


Bureau Veritas helps businesses to get your product to market fast with a complete range of services available throughout our global network.

• Product Testing (Safety, Quality/Performance, Connectivity, User Experience)
• Factory Audits (Quality, Social, Environmental)
• Product Inspection (Initial Production, During Production and Pre-Shipment)

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Our full test scope and capabilities allow us to assess and validate promotional products across a broad range of product categories, including:

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