Knowledge Products

Information-Based Solutions & Tools for Understanding Regulatory Compliance

In today’s complex regulatory environment, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, lawyers and compliance professionals involved in the consumer products industry need to understand the requirements that apply to their products.

Whether a company is seeking to keep current products compliant, looking to expand into new markets, or planning to launch a new product into existing markets – understanding global compliance requirements is critical. Businesses need current sources for regulatory and technical compliance information to meet these objectives and to better manage the risks associated with non-compliance including potential recalls, customs retentions, time-to-market and product quality issues.

Powered by Bureau Veritas’ Information Resources Center (IRC), our Knowledge Products provide your company with direct access to solutions developed by our Global Regulatory Specialists. This team has extensive experience in regulatory and industry-related subject matter, including – country specific requirements, product labeling information, and market trends.

Knowledge Products are the result of a demand for timely, easy to access, relevant information on changes in technical and regulatory requirements worldwide. Contact our Global Regulatory Specialists. We can discuss your challenges, assess your specific needs, and recommend the best approach to further support you and your company. Contact us at .

Key Benefits of Knowledge Products:
• Understand complicated regulations and standards as they relate to your products
• Monitor legislation to stay informed of important changes
• Enter new markets with confidence
• Educate partners with Technical Training - learn from us about challenging topics 

Bureau Veritas Launches Digital Global Compliance Monitor

Changes to the consumer product industry are happening every day and companies need to be aware of these changes.  Whether you are thinking about entering a new global market or expanding into a new consumer product category, a Global Compliance Monitor subscription gives you access to the information to make informed decisions that align with the evolving regulations, industry requirements and standards. 

Learn more about a GCM subscription and how it can benefit your organization.

Contact us now to talk with one of our information specialists.  

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