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Electrical & Electronics
Power with Confidence

Homes include more electrical appliances than ever before, from small traditional essentials like toasters, kettles and hair dryers, to contemporary luxuries and comforts like coffee machines, hair straighteners, heaters and fans. 

There’s also home entertainment equipment to consider, such as Blu-ray DVD players, gaming systems and smart TVs – alongside hardware such as extension cords, lighting appliances, power tools and wireless devices. 

Bureau Veritas provides testing services to assure the quality of all of these, as well as microwaves, blenders and food mixers, digital video cameras, switches, wires, car batteries, telephones, wearable devices, luminaries and lots more.  

Our technical staff bring the benefit of active involvement and professional working relationships with such associations and regulatory agencies as OSHA Nationally Recognised Test Laboratories (NRTL); the Standards Council of Canada (SCC); the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC); and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

By providing full quality assurance services for all stages of the product life cycle for electrical appliances and electronics, Bureau Veritas can help protect your reputation and brand.