Electrical And
Electronics Product



The consumer market for electrical and electronics products is affected by a diverse range of
dynamics, all of which highlight complex compliance requirements for domestic items sold around
the world such as televisions, tablets and power tools.

These include:

  • New selling markets – As the more mature markets of USA and Europe become increasingly aturated and experience low-digit growth rates, there is a race to access new and emerging markets around the world.
  • New sourcing markets – Accelerated by a growth in tariffs, not least the China-USA trade war,
    there has been a fast shift away from the manufacturing hotbed of China to South Asia, South
    East Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America.
  • Integration of technology - From wireless technology to use of artificial intelligence (AI) and
    mixed reality (MR), consumer electronics and electricals suppliers need to embrace new
    developments to remain competitive.
  • Online growth – As the growth in online sales continues to outstrip growth in physical stores,
    it is critical to reduce the significant cost of returns due to poor quality or mismatched product


Bureau Veritas is a recognised international leader in the testing of consumer electrical and
electronics products, with labs and specialists in every selling and sourcing region.
The goods we test include audio-video facilities, speakers, IT equipment, laptops, kitchen
appliances, lighting and other electrical appliances that are popular in homes everywhere.

Nearly every major appliance brand on the market has at least one smart model available – and this number will continue to grow. Now, you can control your appliances from across the house with your voice assistant, or while away from home with your smartphone. Connected appliances make everyday living simple… and this trend will only continue in the coming years.

Bureau Veritas is a knowledgeable global provider of market access compliance support services,
helping businesses maintain success in the complex market of consumer electronics and