Remote Inspection

Remote Field Services - Inspection & Audit

Bureau Veritas has deployed remote inspection services in multiple use cases and business units around the world.

Remote Sourcing Support - Inspections | Audits | Training


We are pleased to be in a position to leverage this experience to help evolve the way we do business with our clients to elevate safety, quality and efficiency during this difficult time.

Our Remote Inspection services enable us to:  

  • Keep our employees and customers safe by eliminating direct contact and adhering to social distancing best practices
  • Keep critical tasks moving forward in the face of travel restrictions and site access restrictions

We do not anticipate that this will be a temporary workaround in the face of COVID-19. We strongly believe in the long term value of these digital platforms and in their potential to change how inspection services are executed. 

The circumstances we are faced with as a society will be a catalyst to help drive the adoption of the new service, but once the ease of use and value creation is experienced first hand, we project that it will become a standard component of inspection programs.



  • A facility does not allow external visitors;
  • A site is too remote;
  • An urgent inspection is needed;
  • Only basic checks are required.


  • Simplified inspection protocol, agreed with the client prior to launch;
  • Adapted to lower risk products: workmanship and testing may not fully be covered;
  • Tailored to customer needs.


  • Speed and transparency;
  • Reduced carbon footprint;
  • Safety of the Inspector.


The process is straightforward to book a remote inspection or audit, similar to a physical service. An example of the remote inspection workflow is below:

Remote Inspection Workflow


Remote Inspection Pre-Requisites

Value Add

  • Reduce the amount of travel required by field staff reducing carbon footprint
  • Mitigate reduction in inspections/audits where impacted globally by outbreaks such as the COVID-19

  • Launch real time global inspections/audits in minutes. Faster decisions and faster response

  • Customer participation in the field service with ability to  annotate and capture video/photo’s in real-time

  • Minimize the number of inspectors/auditors required on a job site to reduce HSE risk and site access training requirements

  • Expanded access to Bureau Veritas’ extensive network of specialist inspectors and auditors

  • Cost avoidance: Travel, Mileage and Expenses. Reduction of client travel cost due to digital collaboration

  • Real-time interaction with Inspector/auditor during service delivery with on screen note-taking