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Manufacturers who wish to sell telecom, licensed RF, and low powered transmitters in the United States and Canada must have their products tested by an accredited lab and certified by the FCC/ISED for EMC/Telecom compliance.


A TCB is responsible for testing, evaluating, and reviewing the product, to verify that it meets all of the applicable FCC rules and regulations. To do this, the manufacturer needs to provide fully functioning device samples, technical documentation, and operating instructions that will enable to fully investigate the operating abilities and parameters, so that they can render a valid and fair decision on the conformity of the product.

Our Services

  • Testing: Bureau Veritas, as a TCB, accepts test reports and applications from any credible source. We review the report and validate that the data is reasonable, and has been performed by a FCCrecognized accredited testing laboratory. Bureau Veritas also has FCC-recognized testing laboratories worldwide who can provide this service.
  • Certification Review: Bureau Veritas performs a review of the product against applicable requirements, consistency of data, and presence of supporting documentation If incomplete test report, or supporting documentation, we will request supplemental information before performing the certification. When the certification review outcome is negative, any non-conformity(ies) will be provided to you. Presence of all required corrective supporting documentation/exhibits will be required.
  • Certification: When the review is completed with a positive result, an Original Grant of Authorization will be issued and e-mailed to the applicant with a copy also accessible from the FCC’s electronic filing site.

TCB Documentation:

  • RF, EMC and Safety Test Reports
  • Block Diagram
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • External photographs (overall
  • appearance showing all user accessible
  • controls/connectors)
  • Internal construction photographs
  • ID Label/Location Info
  • User Manual
  • Operating Description

Value of Bureau Veritas

  • SCALE & SPEED: As the leading provider of TCB certification for licensed and unlicensed devices, you can rest assured that Bureau Veritas can support you in achieving access to the lucrative North America market.
  • FAST MARKET ACCESS: With our additional safety, regulatory and market access service offering, we can streamline and accelerate your time to market with one point of contact for any industry with confidence.
  • TESTING AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE: Bureau Veritas has labs worldwide that can support clients with their FCC TCB listing.
  • LEADING CERTIFICATION PROVIDER: Bureau Veritas is the leading provider of TCB certification helping place tens of thousands of devices from manufacturers worldwide access the lucrative US marketplace.
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