Lighting Products

Despite considerable advances in safety throughout the decades, recent years have seen an increase in reported UK accidents relating to Christmas tree lights and other seasonal lighting products – which in some cases have led to costly and brand-damaging product recalls by high street retailers.

This sort of risk is largely avoidable with the use of appropriate consumer lighting tests, however, which serve to ensure that products comply with changing regulatory requirements and international safety standards. 


Bureau Veritas offers robust systems to minimise the likelihood of problems related to non-compliance, component failure and the environmental and ethical expectations from consumers – which apply to all areas of manufacturing, selling and distribution. 

With a fast turnaround of tests and access to a global network of expertise, our electrical laboratory facilities provide an excellent choice for manufacturers, retailers and distributors, helping them supply lighting products such as spot lights with genuine confidence. 

Our clients can also benefit from:

•    Product testing at source – including full compliance services
•    Accreditations for large retailers, with standards including UKAS, CNAL and HOKLAS, to satisfy the requirements of major markets
•    The technical knowledge of our consultants, who participate in the development of industry and regulatory standards worldwide
•    The immense resources of our 40,000 staff (over 7,500 dedicated to consumer products) in more than 140 countries
•    First-class customer services, including quick turnaround and competitive prices.

Bureau Veritas is a recognised leader in consumer illumination testing, with labs and specialists in every selling and sourcing region.

Our services

We offer a full range of safety, quality assurance, benchmarking and compliance testing services for any type of seasonal illumination goods, including outdoor lighting, indoor luminaires, halogen lamps, bulbs and LED lights.