Cybersecurity Services
for Industrial

Industrial Cybersecurity relates to connected devices within industrial plants or fields, and of wired and wireless nature.

Industrial IoT Vulnerabilities

The nature of Industrial Plants and systems are that update cycles are often much less frequent than regular consumer devices, often lasting more than two years, and meaning that vulnerabilities in the systems can be exploited and often have a greater negative impact. Effective responses and adaptations to new challenges are essential for Industrial IoT due to this.

Because of this, industrial products must be secure across the whole life cycle of the product – including out-of-the-box security capabilities, as well as software updates and patch management processes.

Bureau Veritas can support businesses in the testing, inspection and certification of business’ Industrial IoT products and systems to ensure effective Cybersecurity. There are multiple relevant standards and certifications which can highlight the security embedded in such products – in which Bureau Veritas has capabilities across the range.


IEC 62443 has been established as the reference standard for cybersecurity in the industrial domain. This standard comes with a holistic approach, providing requirements for the industrial components (e.g. PLCs, HMIs, industrial routers, etc.), as well as for the larger industrial systems. The development and deployment processes are also covered by the standard.

This standard has now been adopted by several markets such as transport (trains, subways, etc.), the network (water, gas, electricity, oil platform, pipelines, etc.), CTM/BMS (Centralized Technical Management/Building Management System) (towers, tunnels, ports) and Smart Building/SmartCity.

On top of it, developers and integrators can certify their products, processes or solutions based on the IECEE scheme, in line with the IEC 62443 requirements. An IECEE certificate will demonstrate that the products, process or solution has passed an extensive evaluation program, which included documentation review, testing and process auditing. Bureau Veritas can support along the whole IECEE certification process, with initial preparation, the evaluation work, and the certification step itself.


Support and

- Design Reviews
- Validation and Penetration Testing
- Review of Development Processes
- IEC 62443 Workshops

Compliance and Testing

- IEC 62443 Compliance


- IECEE Certification (IEC 62443)
- Common Criteria Certification

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