Container Inspection

Extended Storage Risk Mitigation Program

Comprehensive suite of services to detect and mitigate the risk of mold, rust, shrinkage, bacteria, ... for products having experienced extended storage


The unforeseen shipping delay due to heavy port congestion and the global supply chain crisis has resulted in extended storage of products at warehouses and in containers. The storage conditions might increase the risk of contamination and deterioration of quality, which cause loss to the manufacturer.

How BV can help

Bureau Veritas has launched Extended Storage Risk Mitigation Program. This holistic solution provides from awareness training, warehouse assessment, product inspection to container loading check designed to help reduce the risk of product contamination (e.g. mold, insect, etc.) before and during shipment.


  1. Screening of product quality to assess if they have suffered any degradation as a result of extended storage before shipment acceptance
  2. Re-inspection of all orders can be avoided by assessing storage conditions and minimal random check of each order stored
  3. Cost and efforts are focused only on high-risk products based on evidence of contamination/degradation
  4. One-stop solution to mitigate and detect the risk before shipping

Workflow Overview

  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment Warehouse Selection

    Warehouse Assessment

    Risk Evaluation Elements
    • Historical Failure
    • Storage Conditions
    • Packing Material & Method
    • Climate Condition
    • Manufacturing Process

  • Training

    Awareness Training


    Awareness Training
    • Global Coverage
    • Tailor-made
    • Local Language
    • Online Learning

  • CAPA

    Product Storage Assessment & CAPA

    Inspection in warehouse

    Product Storage Assessment & CAPA Coverage
    • General Management
    • Product Control
    • System & Process Management
    • Product Conformity
    • Personnel Management

  • Inspection

    Product Inspection

    Product Inspection

    Product Inspection 

    Contamination Check

    • Check if any contamination issues, e.g. mold, insect, etc.

    Product Quality Check
    • Check if any deterioration of quality with time, like shrinkage, color change, lost function of elasticity, rust, etc.

    Moisture Content Check (Optional)

  • Container Assessment

    To reduce risk of product contamination during shipment

    Packaging Condition Check

    Carton Packaging Condition Check
    • Visual check the carton/pallets are available side to see if any contamination issues, like mold, insects, moisture.
    • Request the factory to open the package for further check if any contamination issues have been noted.

    Empty Container Check
    Check the container cleanliness, stains, infestation, water, holes, tears, proper function of doors/handles/latches, and other adverse conditions.
    Check the entire container for every nook and corner with light.
    Check for visible holes, cracks, gaps or other open spaces in the sealed container.

high risk product categorIES

  • Softlines

    Leather Products
    Clothing, Stretch Material

  • Hardlines

    Food Contact Product
    Wooden Furniture
    Bamboo Fencing

  • Toys & Juvenile Products

    Battery Operated Toys
    Wooden Toys

  • Electrical & Electronics


Interaction & Data Management

  • On-line tracking and management
  • Client participation via the digital platform on selected sections of warehouse assessment, product inspection.
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