USER EXPERIENCE Testing - Lighting

User Experience Testing
for Lighting Products

Performance & Functionality Test for Lighting Products


Quality is defined not only by safety, but also through aspects such as functionality, performance and usability. Safety is assessed in accordance with applicable testing standards or local requirements; however, the tests for the product characteristics rely on a different approach.

This is where the User Experience testing fits in. The testing determines if a product performs well against quality standards and/or competing products. It assesses quality performance of various types of lighting products, including decorative lighting, indoor lighting and lamps, light fixture, etc.


User Experience Testing

Bureau Veritas provides comprehensive support with our worldwide network, technical experience and internationally recognized competence throughout the whole supply chain. As a leading testing and certification services provider, we are specialized in testing for functionality, performance, safety and usability of a wide range of lighting products.

We offer a comprehensive range of user experience testing services for your lighting products in accordance with relevant regulations and market requirements. Our specialists throughout the world, who are active members of national and international standards committees, will develop suitable testing programs with you.

  • Functional Test
    Designated test program to test the functionality for a lighting product under realistic use conditions
  • Durability Test
    Test and validate the lighting products’ life cycle, and simulate the product usage, for under normal conditions within the testing period to assess its durability
  • Handling Test
    Evaluate and comment from the user’s point of view on the level of user-friendliness, ease of handling, usability, etc.
  • Workmanship Check
    Check the lighting product’s shape, dimensions, appearance and quality such as sharp edges, scratches on enclosure, assembled parts, etc.
  • Artwork Check
    Verify that all necessary labels, markings, guarantee, etc. are included
  • Feature Check
    Validate that all features stated in the user manual are valid and functioned


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