Design Evaluation


What is a Design Evaluation? 
Hazard Assessments and Design Evaluations are two effective means to help manufacturers and brands identify safety issues related to product design.

A Hazard Assessment is an in-depth review of your product for potentially dangerous design features. Design Evaluations are intended for products while still in the design phase and can be used to determine what tests should be applied to your product. These evaluations provide in-depth analysis of your product for features that are potentially hazardous along with possible recommendations for modifying product design. The objective of both these services is to help you make informed decisions about your product’s design to minimize recall and liability concerns.

What are the key benefits?
•   Evaluate safety issues related to design before production to minimize risks
•   Reduce engineering time by identifying potential hazards at an earlier stage in the manufacturing process, so design modifications can be less costly
•   Minimize the risk of costly recalls, returns and complaints
•   Gain confidence in the products you deliver to market
•   Enhance risk management and brand protection

At Bureau Veritas, we take a team approach to Hazard Assessments and Design Evaluations. Our regulatory specialists, research analysts, and engineers all work together to assess products, identify applicable requirements and evaluate design concerns. Each of our technical professionals brings their specialized knowledge to create a total picture regarding compliance and potential hazards that a specific product may present. We provide a flexible approach that is scalable to large and small businesses, and that can address simple or complex products. Our services are designed to help minimize potential hazards and bring products in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. With a wide range of services, we can help you take a comprehensive approach that includes:

Hazard Assessments

•   Reviews for potentially hazardous or dangerous design features
•   Evaluates the product to determine an appropriate age grade, if applicable

Design Evaluations – Basic Level

•   Identifies mandatory and industry compliance requirements applicable to a particular product

Design Evaluations – Intermediate Level

•   Includes a Hazard Assessment and Basic Level Design Evaluation listed above
•   Provides an in-depth product review of potential design hazards and includes recommendations based upon industry best practices
•   Offers an optional search for past product recalls

Design Evaluations – Advanced Level

•   Includes all the features of an Intermediate Level Design Evaluation plus an analysis of injury data related to the product, including details of prior incidents involving similar products

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