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A truly connected home is no longer within the realm of futuristic fiction, but a working reality.
From energy management and home security systems, to entertainment and online shopping,
consumers now depend on a range of wireless applications that enhance their daily experience of
domestic life.

However, with technology that is constantly changing and fragmenting, it becomes exponentially
difficult to create and maintain a seamless customer experience. Meanwhile, the expectations of
users steadily increase, with more complex requirements and scrutiny of issues such as
connectivity, interoperability, data security, accountability and service quality.


Bureau Veritas works as a trusted partner to many organisations to help overcome the
complexities of ever-changing user expectations, market compliance demands and continuously
increasing technology requirements of products such as thermostats, smart lighting and
cybersecurity devices.

As a global leader in the testing and certification of wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) products,
we help companies who make, distribute or sell such goods to improve safety, security,
performance and connectivity.

Bureau Veritas helps clients address the security requirements

for smart home products, including Matter, Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other popular technologies.


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Would you like to receive marketing communication from Bureau Veritas?