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Bureau Veritas Decarbonization Solution
Measure, Report, Reduce Your Emission

Our Decarbonization Solution is our commitment to empowering your journey towards sustainability and net-zero emissions. We help you to start, accelerate and lead the journey by providing practical advice, innovative solutions, and necessary technologies.

Empowering Net Zero Transitions for Businesses

Net-zero commitments and regulations are reshaping the global business landscape. Professionals in supply chain sustainability encounter hurdles, from the complexities of gathering data, and turning plans into execution to ensuring execution readiness. Supplier alignment on net zero initiatives and detailed ESG reporting add layers of complexity and compound the challenges.

Recognizing these challenges, Bureau Veritas’ Supply Chain Decarbonization Solution supports businesses to measure, report, and reduce carbon emissions. Our roles span from optimizing internal processes to steering supplier and client emissions. We provide practical insights and solutions to clients for navigating the complexity of supply chain net zero transition, transforming difficulties into opportunities for sustainable development.

Meet Our Suite of Decarbonization Solution

  • GHG Inventory Accounting & Training

    GHG Inventory Accounting is the first step of decarbonization and in accurately measuring, reporting, and reducing your company’s GHG emissions.

    GHG Inventory

    GHG Inventory Accounting & Training


    GHG Inventory Accounting is the first step of decarbonization and in accurately measuring, reporting, and reducing your company’s GHG emissions. 

    Our comprehensive GHG Inventory services include:

    • GHG Inventory Account Service: For many organizations, especially the consumer product sector, Scope 3 can make up most of the total emission.  We support companies in measuring their value chain including scope 1, 2 and 3 and engage with suppliers for accurate measurement, GHG Inventory accounting and reporting.

    • GHG Training Program: designed to empower your internal team with a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of GHG emissions calculations.

  • SBTi Advisory Service

    Align your sustainability goals with global standard


    SBTi Advisory Service

    From setting targets to implementation, our advisory service aligns your suppliers with the Science Based Targets initiative, facilitating a cohesive and effective decarbonization strategy.

  • Energy Diagnosis

    Improve energy efficiency | Reduce carbon footprint

    Energy Diagnosis

    Energy Diagnosis

    Dive deep into energy usage with our Energy Diagnosis solution. We provide audits and support for energy efficiency improvements, guiding companies and factories towards smarter energy choices and carbon reduction.

  • BVE³ Energy & Water Module

    Capture accurate data for decarbonization

    BVE³ Energy and Water

    BVE³ Energy and Water Monthly Tracking Module 

    Revolutionize water and energy usage management with our digital solution BVE³. With the scientific principles and logarithm, this Environmental Emission Evaluator gives you the full visibility of the chemical and environmental performance in your supply chain.

  • Climate Action Academy

    Facilitate organizational lear

    Focused woman wearing headphones using laptop in cafe

    Online Academy - Climate Action Training Module

    With our self-paced online learning sessions, your team and suppliers can stay informed and in the know. Our e-learning library covers a broad range of sustainability-related subjects that’s essential for staying on top of the latest regulation, best practices and more.

Our Holistic Approach to Decarbonization

At Bureau Veritas, our Decarbonization Solution is designed to help supply chain and sustainability professionals develop strategies, set clear targets, validate data, and implement actionable improvement projects. We focus on:

Engaging and Building Capacity in Your Supply Chain

We recognize that a sustainable supply chain is not just about a company's direct actions but also about the practices of their suppliers. Our approach is to engage the entire supply chain, fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility. This involves educating and training suppliers, sharing best practices, and creating a collaborative environment where every link in the value chain contributes to the overall goal of decarbonization.

Streamlining Data Collection and Reporting

Accurate data collection and reporting are crucial for starting a decarbonization plan and measuring progress in the realm of sustainability and decarbonization. Our team simplifies this complex process with advanced tools and methodologies. Our solutions enable companies to efficiently gather and analyze data related to carbon emissions, energy usage, waste management, and more. This streamlined process not only saves time and resources but also provides them with actionable insights to drive their sustainability strategy forward.

Facilitating Continuous Improvement

Decarbonization is an ongoing process. We are committed to helping our clients continuously improve their environmental performance. We provide regular assessments, audits, and feedback, helping them to identify new opportunities for reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing sustainability. Our team stays abreast of the latest technologies, regulatory changes, and industry best practices, enabling your organization to always be at the forefront of sustainability. 

Unlock Value with Bureau Veritas' Decarbonization Solution: Economic, Brand, Environmental, and Operational Impact

Our Decarbonization Solution unlocks economic benefits, strengthens your brand, protects the environment, and optimizes your operations for long-term success. Discover a future-proof approach to sustainability that delivers on all fronts.

Economic Impact:
  • Reduced energy costs: We support you to pinpoint energy usages and inefficiencies from a deep and granular level, recommending actions to significantly reduce your energy bills. 
  • Operational efficiency gains: Imagine streamlined data collection and continuous improvement. Reduce waste, optimize operations, and see cost savings you can reinvest.
Environmental Leadership:
  • Reduced environmental impact and make a real difference: Our solutions help you measure, report, and eventually reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier planet for the future generations.
  • Secure 100% compliance to all regulations, industry standards.
  • Conserve resources, protect the planet: We promote responsible resource management, helping you reduce water and energy consumption while contributing to environmental sustainability.
Operational Excellence:
  • Data-driven decision making: Get accurate, reliable data to optimize your operations for sustainability. 
  • Identify and fix inefficiencies: We help you uncover hidden waste and inefficiencies in energy usage, waste management, and more.
Brand Impact:
  • Elevate your brand image: Consumers care about sustainability. By demonstrably reducing your carbon footprint, you attract sustainability-conscious buyers, potentially growing your sales.

Explore ways different teams use Decarbonization Solutions in their Net Zero Transition

  • Executives: we help you define, plan, and strategies your decarbonization pathway. That includes SBTi target setting.
  • Sustainability team: we support you along the decarbonization initiative from develop to execute the roadmap, that includes:
    -  verify the emission data integrity and quality from scope 1,2 ,3. 
    -  work with your suppliers who commit to reducing emissions and uncover the true drivers of your emissions down to supplier level.
    -  We collaborate with facilities to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Supplier Compliance & Facility Management: we help you investigate facilities, and track energy usage and capture data in daily operations to identify areas for energy-efficiency improvement, energy management and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Human Resource: we help you foster organization learning about your decarbonization roadmap internally to staff members and externally to suppliers.
  • Finance and reporting: With the collected data, we support you to report your emission via CDP Portal, or other channels. GHG reports are developed under the framework of GHG protocol or ISO14065-1
  • Primary access to data at global scale

    Our global presence on shopfloors enables us to provide you with concrete and actionable impact.

  • Deep knowledge on industry & market trends

    We provide in-house visionary perspectives on ESG, leveraging our mastering of industry trends and benchmarks.

  • Shaping the future of ESG

    As our brand’s motto, we are first-movers in ESG, crafting future standards and shaping policies

  • End to end supply chain access

    We benefit from unparalleled access to supply chain networks, via our existing operations with 10.000+ supply chain partners in 30+ countries.

  • Holistic expertise across all major topics

    We can address the whole span of your needs, on and beyond sustainability, through our cross-functional specialists’ teams.

  • Unlocking value in your investment

    We maximize your long-term return on your sustainability investments through our solutions, so you enhance both financial performance and sustainability impact.

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