When a consumer buys a new piece of furniture for their home, they want it to look attractive – but they also require a high standard of performance. Safety, durability and structural stability are all of the utmost importance in products such as settees, beds, cots, chests of drawers and cupboards. 

Furniture must stand up to repeated heavy use and must also be comfortable, if it is designed to hold people. For example, a crib or a set of bunk beds that is used by children up to 12 hours a day – every single day – must function reliably as a safe and relaxing sleeping facility.

The same pressures apply in a work environment, where a metal storage rack may constantly hold heavy-duty tools, or an office chair is used for 8 hours at a time and perhaps by different people. 


Bureau Veritas helps manufacturers and brands remain up-to-date with industry standards and complex regulations across the globe. Our experts actively participate in subcommittees that maintain our contemporary technical knowledge and complement our extensive experience. 

Our support aims to:

•    Decrease the risk of recalls and returns of non-compliant furniture products
•    Enhance brand protection and reputation
•    Increase customer satisfaction and confidence

Our furniture testing clients benefit from:

•    Comprehensive test packages – Complete testing to applicable regulations, industry standards and internal methodology designed to provide you with analysis on all aspects of your product

•    Industry-focused test packages – Based on industry requirements for specific types of product

•    Customised tests and test packages – We design testing packages to focus on a particular component or area of concern with a product (this is a cost-effective way to verify a component change)

•    Comparison testing – Evaluation of a product side-by-side with that of a competitor or national brand, to reveal differences in quality and performance

•    Failure analysis, design evaluations, specification creation – Bureau Veritas can provide the additional technical knowledge and information necessary to obtain answers and solutions for each unique situation (for example, an in-depth analysis of particular features that may present a risk)

Bureau Veritas can procure samples directly from store shelves for retail audits and comparison testing, with a choice of testing packages and specific evaluations.

Cost-Effective Solution

Whether you have an existing furniture product on store shelves that hasn’t been tested recently, or you’re looking to approve a new design or modification, the experienced and knowledgeable staff at Bureau Veritas can find a cost-efficient solution for you – thus securing a competitive advantage in the market.


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