Flammability Safety



Flammability testing determines how easily a material or finished product will ignite or burn when close to fire or heat. It is therefore extremely important for maintaining safety around products used in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

At Bureau Veritas, our global status means we have specialised fire regulations expertise in many different
markets – so wherever your products are manufactured or sold, you can be confident that they meet required standards.

Our flammability testing services analyse materials and products for fire-related properties such as:

•   Ignition susceptibility
•   Burn rate
•   Flame spread
•   Combustibility
•   Flash-over point

The benefits of our detailed approach include:

•   MINIMISING RISKS - Avoiding supply chain issues that may cause product recalls and reputational harm
•   BEING COMPETITIVE - Delivering products of reliable quality and safety, without delays in time to market
•   EFFICIENCY - Saving time and money by identifying issues at the earliest stages of product development