Quality &

Quality and performance testing is a necessary part of assessment for certification marks which are required to ensure market access for many products.

With many buyers having their own specific performance and quality requirements, when your product is sold in multiple locations, how can you easily demonstrate compliance at minimal cost? To continually improve your product quality and reduce the chance of returns, how can you build in continual design and process improvements? And if profits are to be maintained with speed to market improvements, businesses have less time to worry about quality issues meaning a recognized partner is essential.

We provide quality and performance testing services through our local, accredited laboratories around the world to help optimize multiple market access. Partnering with Bureau Veritas helps increase innovation, improve the quality of your products and protect your brand.

Our Capabilities:

•   Understand how your products compare against your competitors products by benchmarking their performance.
•   Better manage risk and protect your brand identity by improving product performance and minimizing failure rates.
•   Assess products for their ability to meet the requirements of a range of quality marks in markets where products are to be sold