Packaging and Transit


As products are sourced and shipped worldwide to meet consumer demands, the need for durable packaging continues to grow while at the same time, the push for more sustainable packaging is stronger then ever. Creating a sustainable package often means using lighter materials, less packaging and material substitutions.

These changes, while good for the environment, may increase damage. Whether shopping in a retail location or via the Internet, consumers expect to receive their products intact. When products arrive damaged or over-packaged, the result can be customer dissatisfaction and increased costs for retailers and manufacturers.

Transit or Packaging Testing offers retailers and manufacturers the best means to anticipate how products will perform in shipping and strengthen customer satisfaction. Testing can evaluate whether sustainability changes have jeopardized the protective quality of the packaging.

At Bureau Veritas, we offer testing for package product integrity and performance by certified packaging laboratory professionals to a wide variety of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) performance testing procedures. ISTA, an international organization dedicated to improving packaging methods, is a leader in specifications for the testing of packaged products and certification of qualified laboratories worldwide. Transit testing can be helpful in identifying potential damage to both the package and product during product development, on-going production monitoring, and after packaging or product design changes for sustainability efforts or other reasons.

What are the key benefits?

•   Increased customer satisfaction
•   Reduced costs normally associated with damaged goods
•   Improved environmental and cost benefits through the elimination of excessive packaging materials
•   Enhanced brand image and reputation


At Bureau Veritas, we are committed to providing the best transit testing services in the consumer products industry. We are an active member of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and its Technical Council. Additionally, each of our ISTA certified locations has one or more ISTA Certified Professionals on its staff to provide you with experienced and knowledgeable assistance.

Our services include evaluations within the following ISTA performance testing categories:

1 Series: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests
Challenges the strength and robustness of the product and package combination. Not designed to simulate environmental occurrences. Useful as screening tests, particularly when used as a consistent benchmark over time.

2 Series: Partial Simulation Performance Tests
The basic elements of a 1 Series Test with at least one element of a 3 Series Type General Simulation performance test.

3 Series: General Simulation Performance Tests
Designed to provide a laboratory simulation of the damage-producing motions, forces, conditions, and sequences of transport environments. Applicable across broad sets of circumstances, such as a variety of vehicle types and routes, or a varying number of handling exposures.

4 Series: Enhanced Simulation Performance Tests
General Simulation test with at least one element of focused simulation, such as test sequence or condition linked to actual known distribution.

6 Series: Specialized Test Protocols
Test protocols created by ISTA members to meet their particular purposes and applications. The tests may be completely original, or may be modifications or variations of ISTA procedures or projects or other published and accepted tests. ISTA reviews and approves these tests, but primary responsibility rests with the originating members.

7 Series: Development Tests
These tests are used in the development of transport packages. They can be used to compare relative performance of two or more container designs, but are not intended to evaluate the protection afforded packaged-products.

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