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Electronic products come and go, and manufacturers and retailers who want a shelf life beyond the next holiday season must sell products that are safe as well as work. Brand image and reputation that have been carefully nurtured for years can be tainted in an instant. A large recall or a customer injury suit can wipe out in one stroke a multitude of merchant smart plays. To avoid such a crisis, there are numerous measures that Electrical and Electronic product suppliers need to consider:

  • Vendor selection: The first step is to develop a long-term buyer/vendor relationship. When there is a sense of a continuing partnership and potential future business at stake, vendors have a strong incentive to design safe products.
  • Third-party certification: The second step is to obtain third-party product safety certification. A CB Certificate, issued by one of Bureau Veritas' CB Test Laboratories (CBTLs) involves a highly experienced independent third-party to scrutinize prototype designs or early production samples, and screen out significant errors that even the most diligent design houses may miss. Certification schemes also include some factory surveillance, which is generally implemented through quarterly visual inspections that can monitor any design discrepancies.
  • Compliance with sourcing and performance specifications (protocols): Another measure is to review production samples against a sourcing or performance specification. This action by a third-party can frequently detect any variation from the original certification samples.

What is CB Product Certification and what are the benefits?
A single CB Test Report can be your passport to market access for countries worldwide. Our CB Certification package is a simple one-stop approach delivering the basis of worldwide certification at the outset of your project.

  • Fast Global Access. A CB Test Report issued by a member body such as Bureau Veritas, can be used by manufacturers to obtain national marks in countries worldwide. With the partnership of our International Approvals Team, you can expand access to as many as 150 countries.
  • Growing Scheme. The CB Scheme is a fast growing approach with increasing recognition around the world. The annual number of certificates issued exceeds tens of thousands per year. Many non-member countries accept a CB Report / Certificate as the basis of market access.
  • Comprehensive product scope including I.T., electronics, office and household. Account for majority of all certificates issued.
  • Available Worldwide. CBTL laboratories in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
  • Technical Requirements. Both Safety and EMC requirements are covered, based on IEC standards that allow for country differences. All member countries’ national deviations for the CB Scheme are included by our CB certification.
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