Supply Chain Risk Management

Building a Resilient Supply Chain

Make your supply chain more resilient with Supply-R

Supply chains in particular are being tested like never before, with a majority of executives admitting in a recent survey that the health pandemic continues to expose vulnerabilities in their supply chains that they didn’t know existed. This has led to a cross-industry reckoning in which leaders are becoming more open to systemic change that will help to establish a new standard in supply chain practices. Bureau Veritas has developed Supply-R, a unique solution based on a customized risk assessment of your supply chain. This uses field data collected from independent on-site verification of critical suppliers.

Supply-R, a supply chain resilience assessment solution

HOW BV can help

Our Supply-R solution is flexible and agile. Wherever you are on your unique supply chain journey, we will help you rise to any challenge. Ultimately, you can build better supplier ecosystems that are based on transparency and trust. It helps you:

Reinforce resilient business continuity to prevent: 

• Delay in Project Completion
• Lost-Time in Supply for Operation
• Risk due to Disruption 

Seize the opportunity to reshape your supply chain:

• Enhance visibility: through data-driven supply chain decisions
• Develop resilient supply chains: based on risk assessments
• Validate factual data: by field audits at supplier’s facility

Succeed through strategic data at your fingertips: 

• Executive dashboard
• Best in class checklist and flexible protocols for identifying vulnerability

Assessment modules

We start with our ready-to-use checklists, or create customized checklists according to your specific needs, to assess vulnerabilities and disruption risks.

Business Continuity

Supplier Technical Assessment

HSE Vulnerability

Data Integrity & Information Security

Security for Supply Chain

Logistic & Inventory Practices

Supply Chain Resistance

Supply Chain Responsiveness

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness The quality of reacting quickly and positively

Business resistance is the ability an organization has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity

Operational responsiveness is a quality of a business process which indicates its ability to respond to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur

key milestones of Assessment
  • Supplier Self-Assessment


  • BV Desktop


  • Supplier Field Audits

    For full recommendation & more accurate index

  • Supplier Index


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