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Life Cycle Assessment, Footprint Progress Label, Eco-design Software

Eco-design is a company approach aimed at including environmental criteria as well as technical and economic criteria from the design of your product or service. This approach allows you to combine technical quality and environmental quality.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact of products and services by acting on their life cycle (extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, installation, use and end of life).

Eco-design allows you not only to reduce environmental impacts but also to better know your products and services. All teams are involved in the process, eco-design allows you to strengthen the links and motivation within your company.

Lastly, in a context where environmental considerations are more than growing, eco-design will allow you to stand out from the competition and meet the expectations of your customers.


  1. PRELIMINARY: Help in developing environment oriented functional specifications. Support in the creation of an economy of functionality (Novus) method offer.
  2. REDESIGN: Creativity sessions animation for your design teams. Customized decision-making tools for your company. Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  3. TRAINING: Team training in eco-design. Project manager training to planning and decision-support tools.
  4. COMMUNICATE: Value-creation of your eco-design policy through appropriate communication media (self-declaration, PEP ecopassport®, FDES, Eco-labels, ...) in connection with the existing standards. Certification of your eco-design approach with the Footprint Progress® certification.


Whether for the realization of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the realization of communication support (environmental product declaration type PEP ecopassport, FDES, EPD System) or in an eco-design perspective, our eco-design software (EIME) meets your needs. EIME is a unique tool to quantify the environmental impact of your products and services throughout their life cycle, identify eco-design paths and develop your product environmental policy. Besides facilitating your decision-making and allowing a clear environmental communication, the speed of its handling and its ergonomics will guarantee to you an optimal working efficiency.

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Footprint Progress© is an environmental certification scheme. Its objective is to let businesses publicize the advances they have made in reducing the environmental impact of their products. 

Footprint Progress Label Process
Hee Il

Chief Research Engineer of the department of eco-products and materials technology

LG Electronics

In anticipation of regulatory changes and to preserve its competitiveness, LG Electronics regularly quality assesses its products in respect of the destination market. Footprint Progress Certification is a statement of result which also endorses the environmental management system of the business. This specific approach, as well as the reputation of Bureau Veritas, gave us confidence in this certification. Furthermore, Bureau Veritas has an international network, and we are very hopeful of promoting this certification globally. This certification is a transparent and apposite means of showcasing the efforts made by a business to produce more environmentally friendly products. Businesses can use this certification to promote their eco-designed products and so distinguish their brand and their products in the marketplace.
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