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Homeware Products

The evaluation of homeware products for performance characteristics in addition to regulatory requirements.

When a consumer buys a new item of homeware they want it to look attractive – but they also require a high standard of performance and for it be safe when in use. Safety, durability and structural stability are all of the utmost importance in products such as candles, picture frames, etc.... 

Candles is one homeware product that undergoes intense media attention. As candles have grown in popularity, so has public awareness of the health and safety issues associated with them, such as the potential for candle fires and concern about lead in metal-cored candle wicks.

Despite these concerns, candles remain in demand – but today’s consumer is more selective and safety-conscious. In this environment, testing has become an increasingly important tool for retailers and manufacturers to minimize risk and ensure that their candle products meet the quality and performance expectations of today’s consumer.