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BV Mark

Driving consumer, brand, and supply chain trust

Consumers are increasingly demanding full transparency and will disregard products, and manufacturers, that do not deliver these expectations. The BV Mark can help end consumers navigate these complex market challenges while elevating brand awareness

  • Positive Differentiation from Self-Declared Claims
  • Confidence & Simplicity in the Buying Process
  • Tangible Proof of Performance Claims
  • Demonstration of Performance of Product & Factory

BV Mark Scope

Scope of BV Mark Certification and Verification

Welcome to the BV Mark

Welcome to the BV MarkIn order to support its clients to face end users’ growing expectations, two BV Mark schemes have been launched covering product certification for performance, chemical control, and safety, and for marketing claim verification.

Value Add

  • Demonstration of credentials for a high risk / private label products
  • Demonstration of Trust for emerging retailers, especially online
  • Validation of a product claim – environmental performance such as water toxicity or CO2 improvement or load bearing weight for example.

  • Clients can have multiple statements verified per product to address different market requirements.

  • Validation of a unique selling point to enhance sales amongst new retailers

  • Certification of performance, chemical control or safety (only available for technology products sold in EU) to drive differentiation as well as enhanced supply chain control

Certification Mark Criteria


  • Defects, Product Workmanship, User manual check, Product labelling verification,
  • Packaging Workmanship and layout.


Unpacking / Assembly, Buttons / Switches, Parts and Accessories, Product ease of use, Maintenance, Ease of Cleaning, practically oriented tests of daily use on the device are carried out and evaluated.


All functions from Instruction Manual are tested clarified and evaluated, eg, for coffee maker:

  • Quantity of coffee produced with minimum and maximum quantity of cold water
  • Time to prepare minimum and maximum quantity of coffee
  • Temperature of the coffee
  • Residual water
  • Brewing temperature of the coffee
  • Energy consumption


Durability tests such as mechanical stability and endurance on the device / components are carried out and evaluated, which are based on the duration of warranty or guarantee.


For Mark granting, the Performance level VERY GOOD or GOOD is mandatory which corresponds to a value of at least 2.5 from 1) VERY GOOD (0.5) to 5) POOR (5.5).


  • “Consumes xx% less energy than previous model”
  • “x% carbon footprint improvement versus previous model”
  • “Produces xml coffee in y minutes”

  • “Rust Resistant after X Years”

  • “x% raw material depletion footprint improvement versus previous model”

  • “>XX% Mohair”

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