Sporting goods

Sports Goods Testing
Competing with Confidence

Today’s sporting goods are part of a dynamic market that includes constantly changing regulations, unpredictable economic factors and increasing consumer expectations – all of which particularly affect new innovations.

Athletics manufacturers and retailers need to know that their products will undergo effective sports goods testing that allows them to stand up to this rigorous scrutiny, thus balancing cost and risk – and helping consumers to enjoy the quality and safety they desire. 


Bureau Veritas helps sports brands to maintain a strong and competitive reputation, with our comprehensive methods for testing sports footwear, apparel, exercise equipment, fitness goods, personal protective equipment, outdoor field and stream equipment, and other related sport goods accessories.

Our dedicated technical professionals actively participate in the quality assurance industry and have an in-depth understanding of the needs of athletics goods businesses. So, whether our clients need to benchmark bicycles and skateboards, or verify regulatory compliance for tennis rackets, we can provide tailored support. We can also assess manufacturing working environments and analyse specific concerns.  


•    Enhanced risk management and brand protection
•    Compliant products
•    Industry benchmarked products
•    Convenient and turnkey quality solutions to meet industry requirements
•    An improved return on quality assurance investment

Working with Bureau Veritas means creating a reliable partnership for testing the quality and safety of sporting goods worldwide, thus boosting brand reputation.

Extensive Leadership

With approximately 11,000 employees around the world specialising in consumer quality assurance, Bureau Veritas offers the extensive technical leadership required to successfully meet the challenges of doing business in today’s athletic goods marketplace.