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OneSource Approvals

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OneSource Approvals

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Every 7 mins a new regulatory alert is published...
Lack of harmonized standards across 150+ countries...
In excess of 6 months to complete certificates for large global projects
Maintaining certificate validity worldwide presents Risk if not measured and managed
High $$$ Compliance Costs

OneSource Approvals

A digital platform to maintain certificate compliance worldwide.

OneSource Approvals Use Cases

Intuitive Dashboard

  • Project Status by Year / Quarter / Brand/OEM: User clicks on project count and Project Management Page opens with list of Projects belonging to selected status
  • Certification Risk Management: Identify aging of certificates by recommended Renewal date. Certificate Management Page opened with list of certificates belonging to selected range
  • Stay Informed: Quick access to BV news and events including regulatory bulletins 
  • Certificate Status by Project: User clicks on certificate count and Project Management Page opened with list of Certificates belonging to selected status

Project Management

  • Informative: Includes status, product name, model and timelines
  • Project Plan: User can  ‘Generate Project Report’ button (excel)
  • Quick View: Easy access to individual certificate status, certificates (if issued), supporting documentation 

Certificate Management

  • Comprehensive: Certificate Management page shows list of certificates 

  • Quick Search: Multiple search criteria by Issue Date, Expiry date and Renewal Date

  • Easy Renewal: Enables quick check on renewal start date by aging

Certificate Renewal Risk Management

  • One Source: All client certificates added into OneSource Approvals

  • Auto Tracking: System tracks expiration and recommended renewal start date

  • Prioritization: Dashboard allows customer to monitor and identify priority certificates that require action

  • Pro-active Account Management: BV proactively inform client of roadmap of renewals in weekly & monthly reports

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