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Fashion seasons move quickly – so compliance must, too. Softline products such as clothing, footwear and home textiles constantly expand into new global markets, thus facing increasingly complex regulatory challenges alongside the pressure to turn goods around quickly.

At Bureau Veritas, we help apparel brands and soft furnishing manufacturers to produce high-quality products that are compliant with regulations in numerous different countries, including REACH legislation.

Our proactive approach can include pre-production design evaluation and testing to national and international standards, whether it’s fibre analysis and flammability, or abrasion, piling and colourfastness. So from denim to damask, we’ve got everything covered.

This helps businesses to manage risk, conduct defect analysis based on customer feedback, and compare products with those of competitors – all with the aim of continuously improved efficiency. 

By providing full-quality assurance services for all stages of the product life cycle, Bureau Veritas can help protect your reputation and brand.


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