Electrical Apparatus

The manufacture and retail of electrical apparatus such as plugs, sockets and switchgear are affected by numerous issues relating to electrical regulatory compliance.

These include:

  • Electrification – Vehicle manufacturers all over the world are rolling out all-electric and plug-in
    hybrid cars and trucks for the mass market. This means a requirement for infrastructure to
    charge the associated batteries, from petrol stations that will swap power facilities in a few
    minutes, to charging stations in domestic garages and driveways.
  • Smart grids – Electrical grids of countries worldwide are being upgraded and outfitted with
    enhanced communication and control technologies. Distributors continue to see a tranche of
    new products that support utilities' demand response programs, including control systems and
    smart metering, appearing in the commercial, residential and industrial markets.
  • Connectivity – All types of electrical apparatus are integrating the latest wireless technologies,
    becoming smarter in the way they function and operate.
  • Construction growth – As population and urbanisation continue to grow, so does construction
    – and with it the need for electrical apparatus such as plugs, sockets, circuit breakers and
    wiring. There is also an increase in demand for plugs and sockets that are fire-proof, dust-
    proof and splash-proof.


Bureau Veritas assesses and certifies that products comply with the European (NF) and
international (IECEE/CB Scheme) standards and regulations. This provides our clients with
certificates and marks to confirm the quality of equipment manufactured or sold.
Our teams have the skilled resources and investigation tools to support a variety of roles within
the energy and industry sectors, such as:

  • Designers or manufacturers of electrotechnical products and electrical appliances such as
    alternators, transformers, circuit breakers, contactors, batteries and converters
  • Power producers, distribution network operators, commercial plant operators
  • Maintenance managers
  • Installers
  • Buyers, engineers or design offices
  • Quality managers

Our testing services include electrical safety testing (temperature rise, dielectric, short circuit, air
clearance and creepage distances, interrupting and making capacity, endurance); performance
testing; mechanical and dimensional testing
(pulling, torsion, compression, bending, shocks); and
material testing (fire behaviour, ball seal, incandescent strand).

Bureau Veritas also undertakes:

Environmental resistance tests

  • Mechanical testing (vibrations, shocks, jolts)
  • Climatic testing (humidity, rain, temperature, rime, thermal shocks, solar radiation, dusts,
  • saline mist, corrosion)
  • Combined mechanical and climatic tests
  • Accelerated ageing tests

Electromagnetic compatibility tests

  • Measurement of conducted and radiated emissions  
  • Conducted and radiated disturbances immunity assessment

Static electricity tests

  • Resistance, resistivity and charge or potential down-slope time measurements
  • Material or equipment charge capacity measurement

Customers depend on products and solutions that deliver continuous, uninterrupted power as efficiently as possible, reducing maintenance, repair and operational cost.


Electrical apparatus can be classified within both industrial equipment and domestic appliances categories, as follows:

Industrial equipment

Type of products Examples
Power distribution Transformers, electrical vehicle charging ports, ...
Industrial equipment Electrical enclosures, contactors, circuit breakers, ...
Rotating machines Engines, alternators, ...

Domestic appliances

Type of products Examples
Small appliances Power outlets, installation switches, outlet panels...
Power cut protection Circuit breakers, differential switches, cartridge fuses

Bureau Veritas is a knowledgeable global provider of market access compliance support services,
helping businesses maintain success in the complex market of electrical and electronic products.


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