Supply chain

Supply Chain
Risk Management Solutions

Every day, business risks become increasingly complex, with tighter margins, changing regulations and new challenges arising in all areas of the supply chain.

Meanwhile, the public becomes increasingly aware of issues around ethics, health and safety, quality and environmental concerns – all of which puts pressure on governments to adopt more meaningful legislation. A problem anywhere in the life cycle of a product can therefore damage a company’s bottom line, its brand reputation or even the entire business.  


Bureau Veritas delivers integrated services throughout the product life cycle and supply chain to mitigate and manage risks – from quality and safety concerns, to social, environmental and economic issues. 

We deliver individual services to suit our clients, or a full-package solution throughout the product life cycle, including:

•    Design solutions – Country and design evaluations, eco-design and life cycle analysis
•    Sourcing solutions – Factory capacity and capability assessment, product comparison testing and benchmarking, risk assessment
•    Pre-production solutions – Raw material and product test, factory assessment and social accountability audit
•    Manufacturing solutions – Testing and inspection, mill improvement programme
•    Shipping solutions – Package testing and loading check
•    Retail and brand solutions – Unloading check, policy setting, supply chain performance management, benchmarking, failure and returns analysis

Overcoming hurdles

Our solutions assist the whole consumer product supply chain in overcoming their selling and sourcing hurdles.

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