Life Testing

Life testing

As a manufacturer, retailer or importer you need a competent and independent business partner to proof the quality and performance of your products.

What is life testing testing ?

•   Besides compliance for legal requirements it gives you information about the quality of your product and the suitability for its defined purpose.

What is your advantage ?

•   To satisfy the growing consciousness of the consumers for quality we check your product regarding its functionality, the advertised properties and the performance during the use.
•   With experience of testing a wide variety of product categories for dosmestic use, we can support you to avoid recalls, to ensure the satisfaction of your customers and to increase at the same time your brand value.


Test and services

•   Product testing with different testing scopes and individual testing scope according to the customer requirements.
•   Technical and related to practice tests according to the target market, application and product specific criteria.
•   Mechanical safety tests to simulate household use.
•   Checking of instruction manuals from a user’s point of view.
•   Assessment according to national and international standards, accepted published programs, customer or inhouse quality requirements.
•   Benchmark testing and testing during the product development stage, as well as user trial testing.

What comprises a complete life test ?

Defined selected mechanical safety aspects and technical requirements are tested to collect the characteristic data of the product quality. The main focus is on the performance test of the product to simulate the domestic use. Especially, for more complex products which demand performance testing for the large number of operating possibilities.

For which product group is a life test useful ?

Small household appliances, cookware, insulating containers, candles, decoration articles, shoes, IT-equipment and many other technical and mechanical hardlines.