Standby Switch

Energy Efficiency for Electronics

Eco-design and energy performance testing for electrical and electronic products

An energy efficiency test demonstrates that electronics equipment meets standards for consumption by energy-related products - and measures how much energy they consume while running, as well as when in standby and off mode.

EU Energy-Related Product Directive Testing

Our labs worldwide can measure the energy or water used by a product. We can also use the results to compare life cycle costs of your product versus your competitors’, providing a rationale to position your product at a premium price point.

Energy Star Testing

ENERGY STAR requires that all products listed in the program have their energy performance validated by EPA Recognized Certification Body and testing lab prior to product labeling. The differences between the renewal and the existing ENERGY STAR Program are that manufacturers cannot voluntarily mark their products when they meet the energy efficiency requirements. This new Enhanced Testing and Verification procedure is seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants as well as help consumers to identify and purchase the energy-efficient products more easily, increase the use of those products and then deliver energy and cost-saving.

Bureau Veritas now can provide our partners ENERGY STAR testing services. Besides, as an EPA Recognized Certification Body, we can also provide ENERGY STAR Certification services and are one of the largest Certified Bodies for Energy Star Lighting.  

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Bureau Veritas Energy Efficiency Mark

Bureau Veritas Energy Efficiency Certification Mark

Bureau Veritas Energy Efficiency Certification Mark