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Juvenile Products

In today’s marketplace, producing quality and safe juvenile products is doubly challenging. Manufacturers and retailers must not only comply with an increasing number of regulatory requirements and industry standards, but also meet consumer expectations for proactive measures that will keep their children safe. The need to meet these objectives is crucial. Products that are non-compliant may cause harm to a child or risk being recalled. Poor quality products can result in consumer dissatisfaction and product returns. Both can negatively impact brand image.

What is JPMA Certification?
Bureau Veritas can assist manufacturers and retailers by offering certification through the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. The JPMA Certification Program is a voluntary program developed to guide parents and caregivers toward purchasing juvenile products that are built with safety in mind.

The program certifies juvenile products based on standards developed by ASTM International, the largest standards development organization in the world. Once a product passes laboratory testing to mandatory and standards, it is allowed to product is "JPMA Certified" and meets the highest safety standards. As a supporting laboratory, Bureau Veritas has been accreditated by JPMA to provide testing for product certification. Learn more about Bureau Veritas JPMA Certification Program Testing

What are the key benefits?

  • Consumer recognition that products have met the highest safety standards

  • Enhanced risk management and brand protection

  • Minimization of costly recalls and customer returns

  • Protection of consumer from potential harm

As a supporting laboratory for the JPMA program, Bureau Veritas can conduct performance testing for juvenile product compliance to the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association certifi cation program worldwide. We offer you:

  • Commitment and Service: With dedicated JPMA teams in the US and Asia managing all aspects of your certifi cation program, you can be confi dent that you will receive the highest levels of service.

  • Reports and Sample Status at Your Fingertips: We provide you with the ability to access technical reports and monitor in real-time the progress of your samples through our extranet

  • Knowledge and Experience: Our technical staff actively participates in ASTM committees for juvenile products, keeping you at the forefront of new developments.

Bureau Veritas has over 35 years of technical experience and more than 15 years of active participation in ASTM subcommittees. This background enhances our ability to provide quality assurance services that will help strengthen and protect your brand by minimizing the risk of recalls, returns and complaints. Our “onestop" quality assurance services include quality and safety evaluations, consulting, design evaluations, testing to worldwide standards, inspections, factory audits, and social accountability services.


Reputation For over 35 years, we have worked successfully with top manufacturers and retailers around the world to help them better manage risk and regulatory compliance.

Technical Knowledge & Leadership Our staff participates in the development of international, industry and regulatory standards worldwide, keeping you and us at the forefront of changes in safety requirements and testing methods.

Worldwide Locations With locations close to sourcing areas in over 40 countries and and designated testing laboratories in the Americas and Asia, we offer you the convenience of global coverage with local service where you need it.

Personalized Service At Bureau Veritas, we are committed to meeting your evolving needs and helping you anticipate new market trends. We offer you customized and specialized services to meet your quality assurance needs throughout your supply chain. Providing you with the highest levels of service is a priority for us.


  • What types of products pose a safety risk?

    Most juvenile products have the potential to cause harm to a child if they do not meet safety and quality standards.

  • What can be done at the retail level to better protect consumers?

    Retailers show their concern for consumer safety when they sell juvenile products that carry the JPMA Certifi cation Seal. It demonstrates that their merchandise has been tested to ASTM industry standards for quality, safety and functionality.