Electrical Safety



At Bureau Veritas, our electrical technicians have broad professional backgrounds that include not only experience in testing and quality assurance, but also in diverse fields such as plastics, chemical analysis, manufacturing and engineering at locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Our testing services cover a wide range of electrical and electronics products, including: small domestic appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, and electric mixers; home electronic equipment such as Blu-ray DVD players, gaming systems, TVs, and digital video cameras; hardware such as switches, wires and extension cords; power tools; car batteries; telephone and wireless devices; wearable devices; and lighting devices and luminaries.

Our electrical and electronics services include:

•   Testing against recognised safety standards for criteria such as electric shock, excessive temperature, radiation, implosion, mechanical hazards and fire
•   Single product analysis and comparative evaluations of consumer merchandise
•   Performance package and transit testing for vibration and impact to help reduce product damage
•   Defective product analysis and technical consultations
•   Failure analysis
•   Product evaluation for design, construction and safety
•   Complete inspection and auditing services including factory evaluations and quality control