Durability and Performance

of consumer products

Helping you reduce the environmental impact, whilst increasing the lifespan or your products.

AT BUREAU VERITAS We help you manage your environmental durability and performance

As market demand rises, the concerns of manufactures, retailers and importers' to offer a durable product increases. 

Within circular economy, durability and performance have to be considered for both the environmental impact as well as maintaining a functional product.

OUR SRVICES - environmental DURABILITY AND performance

Choosing the right raw materials, defining the manufacturing processes, reducing transport pollution and analysing the recyclable aspects of a product, are all parameters that allow the manufacturer to reduce the environmental footprint of a product. 

Technical Guidance
  • Achievement of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Identification of the ecodesign actions to implement
  • Integration of ecodesign in your company
Environmental communication
  • Building your environmental declarations
  • PEP ecopassport®, FDES
  • EPD System®, self-declaration, environmental labelling
Tools creation
  • Sale of the EIME license and standardization of your LCA studies under EIME
  • Creation of environmental calculators
Audit & Verification
  • LCA critical review
  • Verification of your declarations : PEP ecopassport®, FDES, EPD System®
  • Certification of your products : Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress®
  • A Training catalogue of 19 modules.



Through repairing or reuse, we can extend the life duration of a product and increase the products lifecycle.

A well-thought and well-designed product will always benefit from a longer life.

Assess and improve product functionality and performance

  • The end of life analysis
  • The evaluation of the performance and resistance to ageing
  • The verification of the Fitness For Use - FFU : Ability of a product to answer to the expected use, and capacity to keep on working according to a normal use, and during a determined period of time.

Performance testing also helps to verify the marketing allegations and measure a product’s positioning against the market’s reference one.

We CAN offer you guidance around

  • The development of your product
  • The construction of the product’s specifications
  • A product range review in the purpose of selecting suppliers
  • Solving a quality issue.

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