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With an increasing pace in adoption of connected devices, continued rise in frequency and targets of cyber-attacks and the various impending cybersecurity regulations and guidelines published around the world, Bureau Veritas continues to evolve its Product Cybersecurity Test Suite.

Everyday vulnerabilities in IoT are being exploited with malicious intent – yet the vast majority of them can be prevented simply and cost-effectively through Bureau Veritas services.

  • Bureau Veritas' Automated Product Test (P-Scan): Applicable to wireless enabled products integrating three of the major wireless technologies impacting smart automation and consumer IoT products, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and Zigbee; wireless device buyers and manufacturers can now assess their products against all known vulnerabilities. Literally in a matter of days, and at low cost compared to many of the established incumbent schemes, a wireless device can be assessed for its resilience against all known cyber-attacks providing confidence to the end user and the company that due diligence has been carried out. Part of Bureau Veritas’ service is also the provision of technical support services including training and workshops on cybersecurity. This helps Bureau Veritas’ clients prepare for the requirements of the various cybersecurity regulations and standards, but also how to implement best practice approaches in the assessment of the resilience of their products. 

Bureau Veritas PScan - Automated Cybersecurity Test Bench

  • National/Industry Requirements: On top of this innovative Cybersecurity Service, Bureau Veritas has labs worldwide who are accredited in performing security testing and certification solutions including its TAF accredited lab in Taiwan and CTIA accredited lab in USA.
  • USA State Requirements: New privacy regulations continue to be published and enforced:
    • The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) resulting in requirements for businesses to provide reasonable security measures when handling personal information, taking steps to protect this information, and dispose of it when it is no longer necessary.
    • Nevada's SB220, which prohibits operators of websites or online services from selling certain information if directed by the consumer to not sell it.
    • Bureau Veritas offers evaluation of these characteristics, employing principles from the NIST Privacy Framework to determine compliance.

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With the continued development of new mobile and smart payment methods, the need for smart payment testing grows apace. 

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in the Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea, Bureau Veritas ICTK provides smart payment security testing and certification against EMVCo (a global standard and facilitator for interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions) and Visa requirements. The company serves international high-tech manufacturers, brands and financial service leaders. 

Testing Process...

Payment Security Test & Certification Process

As an international testing laboratory and certification body, Bureau Veritas ICTK has been expanding its influence. Its reach now includes the fields of payments, transportation, value-added network and mobile network sectors. Experiences from various testing fields have supported Bureau Veritas to ensure a higher level of transaction technology, compliance and interoperability, in accordance with all standards and global specifications.

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