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Our product label creates transparency and trust

In the light of negative press reports, fraudulent labelling and the increasingly confusing range of products, consumers are more and more left uncertain. Which products can still be purchased and consumed confidently? Authorities, non-state organizations, quality conscious consumers and a highly competitive market demand an increasing level of monitoring and quality assurance for products so that both people and the environment are subjected to the lowest possible level of those harmful factors that could represent a risk to health.

How can the customer see that your product fulfills these requirements when buying it?

The Bureau Veritas ‘Quality Check’ product label creates transparency, provides consumers with a sense of trust and security, and provides important guidance when making purchasing decisions. Bureau Veritas offers the ‘Quality Check’ product label for a variety of consumer goods and enables quality testing characteristics to be flexibly indicated directly on the product. Depending on the product group, it is possible to select between different basic programmes, additional quality testing characteristics and testing procedures.

It creates trust amongst consumers:
The ‘Quality Check’ product label shows consumers that Bureau Veritas has defined and carried out tests on the product as an independent third party and thus makes purchasing decisions easier for quality-conscious customers.

It increases the perceived value of a product:
Create trust and added value using a product label with a high level of consumer recognition and a high quality rating. Bureau Veritas is a globally recognized testing institute with a long tradition and is actively represented on many national and international associations and standards committees.

Faster market entry:
Optimize the quality and risk management systems across your whole supply chain using the Bureau Veritas ‘Quality Check’ testing programs. Success on the market: Show consumers your commitment to quality, which goes above and beyond the statutory requirements. Stand out from the competition!

You save time and money:
The certification programs and the appropriate testing procedures are tailored precisely to your product. You get an uniform quality standard worldwide: The laboratory network at Bureau Veritas with its over 78,000 employees extends across 140 countries. Our laboratories comply to strictly defined testing methods and standards, which are applied on a global level in all 330 laboratories.

Reducing the risk of product recalls:
All levels of the delivery chain can be integrated into the certification process in order to identify any possible sources of error at an early stage and to correct them timely.

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