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In recent years, problems have arisen in the retail sector with the mislabelling of cotton products, along with false claims being made against retailers by manufacturers.

It is therefore important that businesses can identify and therefore prove the authenticity of cotton products – and one reliable way to do this is via DNA. This mainly applies to Egyptian cotton testing and can include either fabric or finished products, as well as woven or knitted apparel.


Bureau Veritas CPS can test the traceability of extraction of DNA from cotton fibre, cotton fabric and cotton products. We have achieved through an exclusive alliance with Science Horizons laboratories in Egypt, a facility which is highly regarded within the industry. 

Using PCR techniques, our specialists can identify the authenticity of cotton products. Our test methodology isolates biological macromolecules, including nucleic acids, from cotton fibres and yarns. The isolated macromolecules contain information encoded in the sequence of their building blocks, which can be used to characterise the cotton fibre, or identify the origin or source of the cotton fibre.

Upon verifying this methodology, not only did our results match the information we held for each sample, but the tests also identified the exact blend of cottons and the percentages of each cotton type used, within non-Egyptian cotton products.

Official endorsement of Egyptian cotton testing

The internal DNA extraction method used by Dr Mohamed Negm & Suzan Sanad of Science Horizons has received accreditations and endorsements from several official bodies, including:

Ministry of Scientific Research and Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (Egypt)

University of Agricultural Science and College of Agriculture-Dharwad (India)

Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC)

International Laboratories Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)

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