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The automotive industry is transforming fast, driven by growing consumer demand for sophisticated digital features and increased environmental regulation. Technological progress leading to trends in the automotive industry is always accompanied by the ongoing development of new standards, leaving suppliers and manufacturers unclear about market access and test requirements.

How BV can help

Bureau Veritas LCIE is a worldwide recognized testing laboratory and certification body, develops customized solutions for suppliers and manufacturers, from technical assistance to the final deliverables. Our lab in Germany is a notified technical service of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), also handles EMC testing of vehicles and integrated wireless equipment. Bureau Veritas is well placed to help you enter international markets quickly and efficiently.

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Bureau Veritas LCIE expands its footprint in Brittany, France

Bureau Veritas LCIE has acquired measurement and engineering equipment from Nokia Head of Technology Center. The acquisition offers significant benefits, including radio and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We can also support specific requests of manufacturers and provide the necessary passports to gain faster market access.


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• Safety / EMC


• Homologation    
• Safety / EMC
• Environmental Reliability




• Safety / EMC
• Environmental Reliability


• Wireless Conformance
• International Approvals


Regional capability

Bureau Veritas


LCIE Bureau Veritas is now appointed as Technical Service by the Irish Approval Authority NSAI (e24/E24) and the Cyprus Approval Authority (e49/E49). Our Technical Service is classified (acc. to Framework Directive definition) as Category B - with e49/E49 mark - for the significant automotive scopes, and as Category A - with e24/E24 mark - for electromagnetic compatibility scope. Now may support you to obtain e/E Type Approvals, from to the components, till the complete vehicle, offering a one-stop solution for Testing, Homologation & Inspection. Furthermore, we are designated by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) as a technical service for eCall approval in the European Union. We support the automotive players with a full range of testing, certification and type approval services.




Global Footprint

Our clients benefit from access to in excess of 50 labs supporting the Smartworld, including Connected Cars, and we continue to develop our footprint to meet the changing dynamics of the numerous market segments.



We work together with numerous connected vehicle organizations in order to support the development of specifications and to gain valuable insights into upcoming requirements. By combining these with our engineering capabilities, we are able to offer test services at an early stage, before their release as official standards. We participate in organizations with a special interest in connected vehicles (ETSI, ISO TCO24, IEEE, SAE, Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth® SIG etc.) and also those that are explicitly engaged in promoting Car2X systems.

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