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Inverters Testing and Certification

Business Challenges

Demand for green energy has grown substantially in the past few years, driven mainly by rising conventional energy costs, increased public demand for environmental protection and expanding government regulation and industry standards.

Among several new technologies, solar photovoltaic is more mature, robust, and reliable and is adopted by more users. Manufacturers, retailers, or importers of photovoltaic technologies, might face many specific challenges, such as designing a product that functions effectively with various in-country climatic differences; understanding and complying with the various grid interconnection requirements; developing products that meet or surpass the increasing reliability requirements, and positively differentiating your product(s) to compete against global competitors.

Our Approach

Through our integrated component inspection, testing and certification services, we support your solar photovoltaic (PV) projects through the entire solar panel procurement process across all critical steps along the supply chain, to accelerate the time to market of our client’s products and avoid duplication of tests. Our primary mission is to help our customers create higher value for their products, establish trustworthy brands, and to enhance their competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Our Solutions

Bureau Veritas has years of experience in overcoming challenges and facilitating market access for manufacturers and retailers/importers of complete green energy systems. Bureau Veritas can provide complete services for PV inverters, including Safety testing, EMC testing and Grid Connection certification services among Australia, South Africa, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, America and more than 20 EU countries.

Strategically mobilizing resources for the product development for our clients, Bureau Veritas also provides approvals according to worldwide requirement profiles by preparing IECEE CB, DAkkS or ILAC accredited test reports and conformity assessments according to:

Product Safety Testing and Certification

Environmental Simulation

IP Protection Class Tests

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Testing

Grid Integration & Grid Conformity in Low, Medium, High & Extra-high Voltage

Unit and Plant Approvals

Energy Efficiency Testing


Audits of Social & Environmental Standards


Sales Director of EMEA Technology, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services

Your aim is to create a product, which is safe and obtains market approval without problems? We help you – right from the start with our comprehensive testing of electrical equipment, units and installations, technical advisory, technical due diligence and supply chain services.
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