Testing Across The Supply Chain

Oritain provides excellence in product traceability to protect your reputation and build trust in your brand.

The Oritain method traces actual products back to their true origin using advanced science. The Oritain method is robust and provides reassurance that other traceability services cannot. When you partner with us, you are choosing a new benchmark for product traceability and safety.

Build trust in your brand

Crafting a great brand takes time and consumer trust. We work to support and enhance your brand's reputation, building consumer trust and loyalty. Independently recognised origin demonstrates your authenticity to consumers and supports provenance related claims such as organic, fair trade and more.

Shoppers choose to buy brands and products they trust

With Oritain you are demonstrating a commitment to quality and safety

Protect your business reputation from fraud

10% of all commercially sold food products are affected by fraud. 

As long as there is money to be made by cheating, people will do it. 

All products are at risk. Whether it is mislabelling, counterfeit, reusing old packaging, blending or substitution. 

Oritain's scientific approach tests the actual product to help identify when your product has been compromised.

Oritain how it works

Oritain uses statistics to interpret 1000’s of pieces of sample/analyte data into something that can be comprehended.

A tested sample of genuine origin will lie in the area of space occupied within its chemical fingerprint.

Non-genuine tested samples or blends reside in areas of space outside of its chemical fingerprint.

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