Quality Assurance Services
for Arts and Crafts Products

Safety and quality are fundamental concerns for consumers, particularly for parents, who buy arts and crafts, toys and other products related to children. Our services are designed to assist manufacturers, retailers and importers improve product quality, enhance branding and reduce customer complaints, recalls and non-compliant products.

What are Quality Assurance Services for Arts and Crafts Products?
Quality assurance services for arts and crafts products encompass a full-range of quality and safety compliance testing, inspection, audit and consulting services. As the arts and crafts industry encompasses an extensive array of products, they often require a variety of specialized testing and evaluation to a broad scope of standards. Bureau Veritas can identify the necessary regulations for multiple global markets and meet those requirements.

A comprehensive program can provide you with:
• Testing and evaluations for quality, safety and regulatory compliance to worldwide standards
• Complete inspection and auditing services including factory evaluations and incoming quality control, initial product, in-process and final shipment/product inspections
• Social audits to identify any unacceptable working conditions
• Specialized services including age grade evaluations, design evaluations, product line reviews and more to help you better evaluate and maximize production throughout your supply chain
• Training and educational services to enhance staff capabilities

What are the key benefits?
• Verify compliance with worldwide toy regulations and industry standards
• Minimize recalls, returns and complaints
• Enhance risk management and brand protection
• Help increase product sales

Our Approach

Our approach is to provide you with comprehensive services for all your arts and crafts, toy and juvenile product needs. We can assist you with both testing and specialized services for a variety of products from product concept to store shelf.

Services for an Extensive Range of Products:
• Arts and crafts materials
• Plush toys
• Games
• Collectibles
• Figurines
• Construction toys
• Accessories
• Books
• Balls
• Seasonal novelties
• Furniture
• Jewelry
• Candles
• Artificial flowers
• Office and home décor products
• Houseware products
• Art supplies
• Cookware
• Picture/photo frames


Reputation – For over 35 years, we have worked successfully with top manufacturers and retailers around the world to help them better manage risk and regulatory compliance.

Worldwide Locations – With locations close to sourcing areas in over 40 countries, we offer you the convenience of global coverage with local service where you need it.

Technical Knowledge & Leadership – Our staff participate in the development of international, industry and regulatory standards worldwide, keeping you and us at the forefront of changes in safety requirements and testing methods.

Personalized Service – We are committed to meeting your evolving needs as you anticipate new market trends. We offer customized quality assurance services throughout your supply chain. Providing you with the highest levels of service is our priority.


What types of testing do you offer?
• Use and abuse testing
• Chemical testing
• Client specifications
• Destructive testing
• Electrical testing
• Life/reliability testing
• Flammability testing
• Comparison testing
• Microbiological evaluations
• Toxicological evaluations

What specialized services do you offer for arts and crafts products?
• Age grade evaluations
• Design evaluations
• Injury data research
• Letters of opinion
• Recall advisement
• Risk assessment services
• Failure analysis
• Third party government and regulatory intermediation
• Specification manual development
• Interpretation and applicability of regulations and standards
• Child development and behavior research
• Training seminars and workshops
• Product line reviews
• Process control consultation
• Production pilot audits