The SAC was formed in March 2011 and is a multi-stakeholder group composed of leaders in the global apparel industry. It currently (as of November 2017) has over 200 members, consisting of brands, retailers, manufactures or facilities, non-profits, governments, service providers, trade associations, and academic institutions. SAC members have committed to working together to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world.

The focus of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is the development and use of the Higg Index: a suite of self-assessment tools designed to measure the sustainability impacts of apparel and footwear products. At the facility level, there are two modules: the Environmental Facility Module and the Social/Labour Facility Module-Beta. Specifically, the facility tools are primarily used by manufacturers and facilities but can also be shared with sourcing, brands, and retailers.

There are 7 Sections in the Environmental Facility Module (EFM):

 • Environmental management system or Program (EMS)
 • Energy Use & Greenhouse Gas Emission
 • Water Use
 • Wastewater / Effluent
 • Emissions to Air
 • Waste Management
 • Chemical Use and Management


• Experience: As an approved verifier for the SAC Higg Index Verification, our verifiers have undergone standardized training to verify the highest quality and service. Our experience in environmental areas allows us to offer you a program of proven procedures that will save you time and money.

• Resources around the world: Our international network covers 1,400 locations in more than 140 countries, enabling us to verify the production sites of your suppliers directly on-site in most sourcing countries. In addition, we can carry out verifications quickly, with a fast turnaround of queries/accurate reports.

• Integrity and ethics: Renowned for our core values “Integrity and Ethics” and “Impartiality and Independence” we have ZERO TOLERANCE against deviation from the Code of Ethics. In line with this reputation, we operate an active, dynamic training and integrity program. The aim is to minimize the risk of corruption, as well as to provide verifiers, factories and customers with our guidelines and requirements with regard to integrity.

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