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Reparability is a Key Point for the Future


In today’s marketplace, new legislation, voluntary standards and customer expectations are making companies increasingly accountable for the impact of their products on the environment and society. It is vital how companies can demonstrate their sustainability activities with business added-value right from the product design stage to the after-sales stage on how easy your product can be fixed in order to get a high rating.

The aim of the European Commission is to increase the lifespan of home appliances through these requirements:
• Spare parts* to be replaced by professional repairmen & end-user
• Availability of those spare parts & maximum delivery time
• Appliance repair and maintenance information 

*"Spare part" means a separate part that can replace a part with the same or similar function in a product. Spare parts must be replaceable with the use of commonly available tools and without permanent damage to the appliance.

Since January 1, 2021, the reparability index is a mandatory note to appear on products at the time of purchase as part of the law in France. It is enforced for five categories of electronics and home appliance products: window washing machines, smartphones, laptops, televisions and electric lawnmowers. 

The objective of this index is to make consumers aware of the need to repair the product as soon as they are purchased by informing them of the repairability of their device. The final score of the reparability index is an average of the criteria represented by a score out of 10 to the consumer.

This repairability index covers:
• Documentation availability
• Disassembly, access and tools
• Availability of spare parts
• Spare parts prices
• Criterion specific to the category of equipment concerned

Bureau Veritas provides one-stop solutions:


• Full safety tests according to the applicable standard
• We can check in parallel if the ErP requirements won't have impacts on the product's compliance


• We can check the quality of the spare part and if they can be changed easily by the user according to instruction manuals content


• Materials and components mentioned in Annex VII of 2012/19/EU(WEEE) can be easily removed with the use of the commonly available tool


• Four tests according to the applicable regulations


• We are developing services to help you to check if your appliance respect the requirements given in the French Decree or European ErP regulations 

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