Sustainability Venn Diagram

Sustainability Solutions

For the benefit of people, products, the planet and profit

In today’s consumer marketplace being “green and ethical” are no longer options but a necessity. New legislation, voluntary standards and customer expectations are making companies more and more accountable for the impact of their products on the environment and society. Consumer demand for eco-friendly and ethically-made products continues to grow. As environmental and social issues enter mainstream thinking, most major brands and retailers are beginning to focus on the “Triple Bottom Line:” social, economic and environmental responsibility. Yet, many companies are unsure where and how to begin.

Sustainability – economic, environmental and social responsibility – is more and more important to achieve success in the global market. Bureau Veritas is a reliable partner to many of the world’s leading companies and supports in developing a sustainability code of compliance for your business, in the prioritization of supply chain risk; in the development of processes and standards; in the education of stakeholders; in assessing and improving chemical controls; in the efficient use of your resources; in the monitoring of security and workplace conditions.

Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value, improves performance by removing waste and manages risk. It considers the interrelationship of economic, environmental and social issues. For example, a product using hazardous chemicals creates liability and social issues across the supply chain, from workers who may become ill at manufacturing sites or distribution centers, to consumers having adverse reactions to the product. Water supplies and soil may become contaminated from improper disposal of products and substances, creating negative long-term environmental affects. Economically, what initially appeared to be an inexpensive substance in a product is now a far more costly issue generating potential risk and liability.

For consumer products, key sustainability issues include chemical management, carbon offset, eco-friendly packaging and environmental concerns such as energy usage, waste disposal, and recycled content. At Bureau Veritas, we can help you assess your needs and integrate these key areas into a customized sustainability program.

What are the key benefits?

  • Meet the growing consumer demand for ethically-made and eco-friendly products
  • Minimize the hazardous impact of products upon the environment and society
  • Demonstrate compliance to hazardous substances regulations
  • Enhance risk management and brand protection • Identify and realize sustainable cost savings across the supply chain