55 China Standards in Textile Industry Published and Will Be Put into Implementation on July 1 2020

Feb. 5 2020

On January 7th, 2020, Ministry of industry and information technology of the People’s Republic of China issued announcement No. 61 in 2019, approving 447 industry standard. 55 standards of textile industry on the list will be put into implement on July 1st,2020, including FZ/T 73022-2019 Knitted thermal underwear, FZ/T 73020-2019 Knitted casual wear, FZ/T 73025-2019 Knitted garment and adornment for infant, FZ/T 62039-2019 Woven sleeping bag for infant, FZ/T 73064-2019 Knitted suit pants, FZ/T 44007-2019 Silk brushed scarf and shawl, FZ/T 61001-2019 Pure wool or wool blended blanket, FZ/T 61002-2019 Chemical fiber wool-like blanket, FZ/T 61006-2019 Weft knitted acrylic fiber blanket, FZ/T 01149-2019 Textiles  Evaluation of windproof property and moisture permeability, etc.

Download PDF file to view table with standards listing with additional details. 

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