The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has Published a New Safety Standard for Beach Umbrellas and Anchor Devices (ASTM F3681-24)

May. 13 2024

On April1, 2024 ASTM International published a new safety standard for Beach Umbrellas and Anchor Devices. This consumer safety specification addresses incidents associated with beach umbrellas that were identified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Incidents identified by CPSC and addressed in this standard include lacerations and impalement from the shaft/pole of a windblown airborne beach umbrella. The new standard (F3681) is overseen by ASTM’s market umbrellas subcommittee (F15.79).

The key requirements within the new standard include:

  • Defining beach umbrella/anchor systems as a beach umbrella combined with an anchor device that is either attached to the pole or integrated with the pole.
  • Testing requirements specific to:
    • Mechanical Pull Test of Beach Umbrella/Anchor System for Umbrellas with an area of the umbrella plane 45 ft2 or less
    • Wind Tunnel Test of Beach Umbrella/Anchor System – For Umbrellas with an area of the umbrella plane over 45 ft2.

It should be noted that an umbrella with an area 45 ft2 or less can be evaluated to either test above, while those umbrellas over 45 ft2 must be evaluated to the Wind Tunnel test.

Both tests simulates the degradation in anchor strength of a beach umbrella/anchor system due to vibration and forces generated by wind-drag on the canopy of the beach umbrella.

  • New labeling requirements for the Product, Packaging and Instructional Literature:
    • Packaging Labeling: The name, place of business (city, state, and mailing address, including zip code), and telephone number of the manufacturer, distributor, or seller. In addition, a code mark, tracking label, or other means that identifies the date (month and year as a minimum) of manufacture.
    • Product Labeling: Product use warning labels are also required on the product. A compliance label is required on the anchor device that references this standard, one or more may be used if the beach umbrella/ anchor system has passed the required test or tests
    • Instructional Information: The instructions shall include information on assembly, installation, operation, warnings, and maintenance where applicable.

Additional Information/Ordering the ASTM 3681:

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